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**FELINE FICTION FIX ~ HALLOWEEN EDITION** Book Reviews with Amber at The Mewton-Clawson Library #254 featuring **The Curse of Hollister House** by Kathi Daley **PLUS** Friendly Fill-Ins + Photo Fails Blog Hop

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Hello meautiful library guests 


Welcome to the Mewton-Clawson Library at BBHQ 

Thank mew for joining me in the stacks today, and this week I wasn't really feeling my best, (too much pawtying for my 21st! MOL) so I decided to share a cute throwback to April 2018.

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That's the only purroblem with getting older, mew have more bad days than good days, and after the last few days of overindulging, I'm looking rather worse for wear! MOL

But I have been having the best birthday week ever, and for those who may have missed out on my pawty, DON'T PANIC, it's still happening and going strong, and mew can click here to join in the fun! 

Anyhoo let's look at this week's top book pick.

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Today the P.A. is also joining in Friday Fill-ins Blog Hop with the pawesome 15 & Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs.
1. If I were to attend a Halloween party, my costume would be _________.

2. On Halloween, I plan to _________.

3. If my life were a scary movie, it would be titled _________.

4. If I found an ouija board, I would _________.

The P.A.'s answers are...

1. If I were to attend a Halloween party, my costume would be Cat Woman.

2. On Halloween, I plan to watch a movie with the fire on and stay super toasty.

3. If my life were a scary movie, it would be titled Claws of Terror. And funnily enough, stop by on Tuesday and see what's happening on Halloween! 

4. If I found an ouija board, I would get rid of it stat! I've got enough spooks without inviting more! LOL

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Today, as it's the last Friyay of the month, we're also joining in the furrbulous...

So do drop by the marvellous Mudpie's blog at to join in.

Pet Photo Fails  ©BionicBasil® Basil's Photo Fail September 2016

Basil's photo fail from September 2016.

He obviously was getting impatient with the P.A., and this would have been about getting food.

"Come on, hurry up, I'm starving!" said Basil. "It's been fifteen minutes since my last snack!"

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This week's top book pick is...

Amber's Book Reviews #254 ©BionicBasil® The Curse of Hollister House by Kathi Daley
Mewton-Clawson Library Copy

A Cat in the Attic Mystery: The Curse of Hollister House


Kathi Daley

       Here's a little snippet of the book blurb:      

How is one to start again after losing the one thing that speaks to your heart and fuels your passion?

After a serious accident leaves Calliope Rose Collins unable to continue with the career that has owned her soul for most of her life, she returns to Foxtail Lake, Hollister House, and Great Aunt Gracie, only to find, childhood friend, Officer Cass Wylander, knee deep in a murder mystery involving a twelve year old girl who died in the exact same manner as Callie's best friend Stacy had died twenty years prior. Callie is certain the two deaths must be linked, but Cass has a suspect in custody and the Chief of Police wants the case closed in order to get the mayor off his back, so in spite of the fact that Callie is certain that they have the wrong man, it looks like the case will be closed.

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This week I read the first book in "A Cat in the Attic Mystery Series: The Curse of Hollister House" by Kathi Daley, and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. This book is purrfect for anyone who is looking for a cozy cat mystery with a spine-tingling edge to get into the Halloween spirit.

The author's character development is impressive, and I found myself completely invested in their journey throughout the pages. The plot twists were well crafted, and I was left completely surprised on more than one occasion. And Alister the Cat is a welcome part of the plot, and he spends time with Callie, the book's protagonist.

The setting of the old, creepy mansion was described with such detail that it added an eerie atmosphere to the story. The author's writing style is incredibly engaging, and I found myself unable to put the book down. It's a quick read that can easily be finished in just a few sittings. I really recommend this book to cat mystery lovers who want a touch of Halloween magic in their reading material.

And if mew have Kindle Unlimited this book is included in the catalogue, plus there are another four books in the series that I will review during the current season.

Another Totally Top Paw Read!

Here are the titles of the other four books in the series:

The Mystery Before Christmas ~ 2

The Case of the Cupid Caper ~ 3

The Secret of Logan Pond ~ 4 

Paperback: 195 pages

Audio: 5 hours 33 minutes
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Ratings of:

The Curse of Hollister House

Overall Enjoyment

Amber's Rating Scale ©BionicBasil® 5 Paws

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Other Fun Blog Hops to Join Today

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I'm off to prepare for next week's review, as mew know the drill, so many books, so little time!

I always look forward to your company as I share a specially paw-picked book just for my epic readers!

Don't forget if mew are looking for great books with cats, check out the Book Review page, just click the link here or at the top of the page, as that's the place to visit to get your feline fiction fix.

Until next week...

Keep calm and read more books


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  1. Awww, sweet Amber, I'm sorry you're not feeling your best sweetie. Hugs from all of us. Tell the P.A. we enjoyed her fill-in answers and your book review was really good. Thanks for joining Angel Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Dear Birthday Girl, keep on with the good books. Lynn looked and saw her library has Kathi Daley books! And we luv your Halloween decorated header and you too.

  3. Sending purrs for you, Amber, and hope your up days outnumber your down days soon.
    Thank you for the book report, and have got to agree with tossing any ouija boards out; they are trouble.

  4. Sending purrs for you to feel better soon, Amber! Great book review, this book does sound intriguing!

  5. Amber, I hope you feel better soon. You did a great review despite how you feel. This looks like a good book to read for Halloween. Cute blooper of Basil. Thank you to the PA for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I agree about the ouija board. You would make a great Cat Woman. XO

  6. Toss any and all ouija boards FAR away!

    And we sure hope you'll be feeling better and perkier soon, Amber.

  7. Amber, I do hope your tummy settles and you feel much better, very quickly. Watch the extra snacks and niptinis, okay?

    Your PA would make an awesome Catwoman. In fact, I think she already is.

    Nice photo fail, Angel Basil.

    It sounds like you've found an excellent start of a series in that book.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  8. Feel better, sweet Amber. The book sounds wonderful! Love the photo fail too :)


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