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Claws of Terror is an action-packed and immersive adventure that takes mew on a journey through a world of danger and excitement. The story draws mew in with vivid and detailed descriptions of the intense battles and spine-tingling encounters, making mew feel as though mew are right there with The B Team, fighting for survival.


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Chapter Twenty

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What Happened Next?

          Early Friday morning, I stepped through the bunker door and picked my way across the broken remains of the summerhouse. The air was crisp, and the evil fog had long since disappeared as the sun rose over the Mewton-Clawson woods in the distance. The scent of early morning dew and the last of the summer flowers wafted by me, and I took a slow, deep breath and exhaled as I took in the carnage.

The usually pristine lawn, which normally resembled a bowling green, was decimated and the large silver puddle had solidified completely.

Taking in the surrounding mess, Smooch appeared at my side and passed me a bacon sandwich. “I thought mew could do with another one of these,” he said and took a large bite from his own.

I took it and bit into the tasty snack. I chewed slowly, relishing the flavours of the bacon and special sauce.

Parsley, Fudge, and Pandora appeared next. Pandora waited until I’d finished my buttie and said. “Basil, Miss Wart and Mogs think we can fix most of the damage with magic, and they’re working on a few spells right now in my magical apothecary.”

“Mew mean the broom cupboard,” Fudge grinned.

She gave him a withering look and replied. “I’ve renamed it!”

Parsley chuckled. “Dude, if mew don’t want to wake up one day with purple and vomit green fur, just call it the M.A.”

Fudge grimaced at the thought of his ginger-licious fur being magically transformed and said. “Oh, that’s a really nice name, Pandora, much better than a broom cupboard.”

I sighed and said. “Guys, seriously, let’s not have any snark today.”

“Sorry Basil,” came the response.

“Pandora, tell Miss Warts and Mogs that a magical fix would be most welcome.”

Smooch nudged me. “Basil, what’s going to happen to The M-Unit?”

“Walk with me, Smooch,” I replied, turning and heading back into the bunker, leaving Parsley, Pandora and Fudge to assess the full extent of the damage.

We picked our way through the mess in the corridor and towards my office. Luckily, the shufflers hadn’t broken the door down, and I brushed my paw on the wall next to the doorframe. A hidden keypad appeared. I tapped my code in, and the door opened. Once inside, and the door was closed, I went and sat at my desk, and Smooch sat in a chair in front of the carved oak desk.

Swivelling around in my captain’s chair, I pointed at the tapestry hanging on the wall which depicted the tree of life. A secret cult of Furrisan Druids had made the tapestry and given it to me after I saved them from… well, let’s just say I saved them, and their gift to me was a tapestry of my choosing.

I chose the tree of life. It was woven with threads infused with the magical waters of the ancient city of Bubastis, from the Temple of the great goddess Bastet. In cat mythology, there is no greater magic than at Bubastis, and the tapestry held very special properties.

On the branches sat every member of The B Team, like mini-doppelgangers, and, after our last adventure, The Clockwork Labyrinth, my old team, whom we’d rescued from the evil dungeon dimension and brought back to BBHQ after being missing for five years, their doppelgangers magically appeared on new branches.

“Do mew see what’s happened to the tapestry?” I asked.

Smooch hopped off his chair and came around to my side of the desk and looked at the picture more closely.

“Well, fluff me sideways!” he exclaimed. "It’s grown again, and The M-Unit has been magically woven into the tapestry. Look, they’re waving at me.”

“And mew know what that means?”

“Yep,” he replied. “They are one hundred percent part of The B Team now.”


The bunker was a total mess; the shufflers had rampaged through almost every level, leaving carnage and destruction in their frenzied attempts to get us. Luckily, Horice, my old team, and Fudge’s Magical Menagerie (more rescuees from the evil dungeon dimension) had holed up in the biosphere on Level Eight, and the shufflers had missed that level altogether.

Horice stood with Miss Warts, Meow-Da and Mogs on Level Two. It was the main garage, full of military vehicles and other things like tanks, but we won’t go into that right now. They had been using their magic to repair the damage to each level from the lower levels up.

“Basil,” Miss Warts smiled at me as I approached. “And here comes Pandora.”

Glancing over my shoulder, Pandora was racing to catch me. She whizzed by and grinned.

“We’ve had a radical idea, and Meow-Da agrees,” Pandora chirped. “And Horice does, and Miss Warts and Mogs too!”

Walking up to the quintet, I raised an eyebrow. “And what might that be?”

“Well,” Pandora beamed. “Miss Warts thought it might be an idea to move Mogwarts to Mewton-Clawson. What do mew think?”

Of all the things that could have come out of Pandora’s mouth, that was the last thing I was expecting.

“Oh,” I said with surprise. And swiftly pondered the logistics, space, and other considerations before adding. “I think that’s an excellent plan. I’ll talk to Deezul and get him to draw up some plans for a bunker offshoot expansion plan to house the academy.”

“I knew mew’d love the idea!” Pandora beamed again.

Miss Warts and Mogs smiled, and she mouthed. “Thank you.”

Pandora hugged me and then said. “We need to be on Level Fourteen stat!”


On Level Sixteen, Humphrey opened the doors to the magical forest that the team had constructed for Fudge’s Magical Menagerie. Fifteen acres of an ethereal fantasy land filled with waterfalls, lakes, forests and meadows stretched out as far as the eye could see. The programmable sky mimicked a sunny day with big fluffy clouds, and a comforting warmth filled the space. The magical creatures were still in the biosphere on Level Eight, so it was pretty quiet and the best place to be for what was about to occur.

Smoke, Shadow, Ice and Bomber were waiting in suspense. Smoke was shaking with nerves as they headed through the glowing trees and exquisite foliage.

“We’ll wait here,” Humphrey said as they entered a beautiful clearing.

Off to the right, there was a shallow pool with a small cascading waterfall, and several sumptuous loungers were spread out around the clearing to provide maximum views of the luscious surroundings.

“Sit,” Humphrey smiled, and he sat down on the nearest lounger. Melvyn hopped up next to him and purred boisterously. “Snowie and Posie won’t be long.”

Melvyn looked at Smoke, who seemed to tremble even more. Bomber put a steading paw on the silver Maine Coon and said. “It’ll be fine.”

Smoke gulped and squeaked. “I hope so.”

A couple of minutes later, Snowie and Posie emerged from the foliage. They stood for a second and then stepped to the side, revealing a small silver kitten. She was adorable and had the exact markings as her older brother.

Smoke fell to his knees, and tears streamed from his eyes as he looked at his little sister. He choked out a wail and rubbed his eyes in disbelief as Ophelia bounded towards him as fast as she could. She leapt into his arms and squeezed him, squealing with delight.

“I think we should give them some space,” Posie said, wiping her eyes.

Bomber nodded, and they slinked away, leaving the siblings alone.

Outside in the corridor of Level Sixteen, everyone was wiping their eyes. It had been such a poignant moment. Melvyn was sobbing as Snowie cradled him. He spluttered. “I’m so happy that mew were able to find Ophelia and bring her here from the Rainbow Realm.”

“We need to thank Humphrey for calibrating an Earth Me Device just for Ophelia to make it happen,” Posie said, smiling at Humphrey.

“Awww guys,” Humphrey blubbered. “I’m just glad that we could reunite them.”

Bomber asked. “How long can she stay?”

“For as long as she wants,” Humphrey replied. “There’s no time limit.”

“Thank Cod for that,” Ice said.

“Yeah,” agreed Shadow. “Let’s hope she wants to stay, and hopefully Smoke can let go of all that remorse.”

“I hope for that too,” Bomber said.

Humphrey patted them gently on the back. “Smoke will be fine. Let’s leave them be for a while, and mew guys can follow us, as we’ve got a bit of a surprise for mew.”


          I was waiting on Level Fourteen with Parsley, Smooch, Fudge, Amber and Pandora. The lift doors pinged open, and the rest of the B Team tumbled out with three-quarters of The M-Unit.

“I take all went well in the Rainbow Realm, and Smoke is reunited with his sister?”

“Yes,” Snowie said. “It was a beautiful moment.”

“That’s pawesome news,” I replied. “And now, let’s show The M-Unit their new home.”

The Maine Coons looked a little bewildered.

“Let me explain,” I grinned. “Deezul has been remodelling this level especially for mew guys for the last few weeks.”

“What?” Bomber said. “This is for us?”

“Indeed, take a look around. Mew all have your own rooms, a kitchen, a super lounge and games room, plus an armoury and lots of other things.” I replied. “Mew didn’t think I was going to leave mew on Level Seven, did mew? That was only a temporary stopgap until this was ready.”

Amber piped up. "I've even created mew a small library, so mew can catch up on this timeline's history and all our previous adventures."

Melvyn grabbed Bomber’s paw and said. “Follow me!”

“One, two, three,” Humphrey said.

And we all chimed. “Welcome to BBHQ and The B Team!”


(For Real! MOL)

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Guys, we can't believe it's finally over, it's taken nearly five months to complete, and the final word count is 40,163! MOL 

Who knew those Friendly Fill-in answers from October 27th last year and those three little words could spark a B Team adventure. Let us say it's been hard to write, as there had been such a long dry spell in the B Team adventures. We had planned to write Mogwarts in 2019. Sadly, due to circumstances such as my departure to the Rainbow Realm in 2018 and then the P.A.'s accident in 2019 and the subsequent events thereafter, Mogwarts remained a non-starter, and even after many attempts, it went nowhere.

So those three little words back in October last year broke that spell, and thank Cod, we're back!

Thank mew all so much again for sticking with us along the way, and we know we've had a few spelling and grammatical errors along the way, but overall, for a first draft, we think it turned out okay! MOL

But most of all, more than anything... we sincerely hope mew enjoyed reading it.

If mew missed yesterday’s really fun Easter Crafting with Cats post, don’t forget to check it out. And we’ll be back tomorrow with some more Midweek News.

In the meantime...

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Except for The B Team as they’re REALLY REAL!


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